Joygasm? Jim Carrey Would Totally Be Down To Play The Riddler Again.

Okay, shocking admission time – I loved Batman Forever as a impressionable teen, and I remain a fan to this day. Sure, it was wacky, but it feels like an honest attempt to make a good Batman movie (whereas the terrible Batman & Robin treats the whole exercise as a joke).

Hell, I even like Jim Carrey’s hip-thrusting take on the Riddler, so I’m actually kind of glad to hear that he’d be willing to slip into the junk-hugging green spandex again

“I’d love to work on the new graphic novels version of Batman, I don’t know about reprising the [Riddler] role, I don’t think Chris Nolan would go for that, but I’d love to work with him. We actually developed a script for a movie about Howard Hughes […] maybe someday that will occur, because I’d love to work with Chris.”

Now, can we get Tommy Lee Jones to return as Two-Face?

Okay, okay, forget it.

Via ComicBookMovie