Julia Fox Is Working On A Movie That’s Somehow Inspired By Both ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ And ‘Spring Breakers’

These days, it’s rare to have an original movie idea that isn’t a sequel, remake, or reboot of an already-established franchise. It’s not always bad — people love ’em! But there comes a time in one’s life when they might want to see something new and not just another version of Chris Pratt doing stuff. Even if it sounds a little bizarre, an original movie idea can always land if it has the right momentum. Actress/model/Uncut Gems muse Julia Fox is out here trying to get an interesting movie off the ground, and while it might seem “out there,” you just have to hear her out.

Fox is in the early stages of writing a movie with Sarah Apple titled Lipstick Palm which she calls “Weekend at Bernie’s meets Spring Breakers.” These are two very different movies, as you might recall, but they both involve a group of neon-clad youngsters engaging in various antics in luxury towns (The Hamptons and Tampa, of course) so, aesthetically speaking, this could be a win for both Gen Z and millennials.

“It’s about these two girls and they are in LA. They are classic,” Fox told Page Six of the new feature. “One is an aspiring actress, and the other is a nepotism baby — but her dad had like seven kids, so the pool has been diluted. They’re drug addicts, so they are in recovery, but they are always in and out. One has a sugar daddy.” Among the chaos, Fox adds that there is a “dead body involved somewhere.”

Weekend At Bernie’s is the 1989 comedy that follows two friends who discover their controversial boss is dead before a house party, and the duo try to make it seem like he’s alive in order to have a luxurious party. Whereas Spring Breakers features a group of college students who are lured into the high-stakes world of drugs and partying by James Franco and his mouth full of grills. Combining these two premises will be fun for everyone!

While it’s unclear if Fox is planning on starring in the film, she said she can envision herself directing. “My friends always say I would make a great dictator, but what I am hoping they mean is that I would make a great director,” she joked. At least it might have been a joke? It’s always hard to tell with her.

(Via Page Six)