Just In Case You Weren’t Already Excited For ‘Interstellar,’ Here Are Some TV Spots

I haven’t talked a lot about Interstellar on here. But that’s largely due to the fact that by the time I’m done drooling over the trailers, somebody else has already typed it up. Yeah, I’m looking forward to it that much.

Actually, probably the most important point made in the commercials is glossed right over, namely the hook in the plot. We knew relativity was going to come into play, but one character notes that every hour they spend on a planet means seven years pass on Earth, and they’ve got twelve planets to poke around on, so there’s some urgency. That also explains Murphy, the daughter in the trailers, turning into Jessica Chastain.

Other spots feature that oddly adorable robot sidekick and, well, lots of running. That said, it still looks like that rare beast, a serious science fiction movie with a real budget, and we can’t wait. Interstellar blasts off November 7th.