Katie McGrath Fans Are In An Absolute Frenzy After Getting Their First Preview Of Her In ‘The Continental’

It’s always a treat when your favorite actor or actress shows up in a highly-anticipated trailer. We all felt this way last week when Michael Cera appeared for just a second in the Barbie teaser, right?

The long-awaited John Wick prequel series, The Continental, is finally heading to Peacock this September, and the first trailer just appeared, filled with lots of violence paired with some fun ’70s music. Fans are ready to see the series, led by Colin Woodell, but there is one split second in the trailer that has been making the rounds on Twitter, and that’s Katie McGrath’s debut as The Adjudicator.

The Adjudicator is a High Table agent who was first introduced in John Wick Chapter 3. Since The Continental takes place several decades ago, it seems like there are multiple iterations of The Adjudicator, and Katkie McGrath appears to be one of them. There is not much to go on in her very brief spot in the trailer, though her fans sure did take note!

McGrath is known for her roles in historical dramas and various sci-fi/fantasy-adjacent roles, most recently as Lena Luthor on Supergirl. Despite ending in 2021, the Supergirl fandom is alive and well and they are more than happy to see McGrath making her assassin debut after all this time.

You can see Katie McGrath and her mask alongside Peter Greene, Ben Robson, Ayomide Adegun, and Mel Gibson (really) on Peacock this September.