This Is The Best Cat Vs. Thug Staring Contest You Will See All Day

Let’s be honest, there are some cats you just don’t mess with. Mountain lions. A feral alley cat in heat. KEANU.

Then there are others who can break you just like that. One flick of a whisker and bam, you’re a pile of broken dreams. The badass kitten in the video above counts as one of them. She/he (it doesn’t matter) takes down some of the toughest, most tat-ridden dudes you’ll ever find at one casting session.

You’ve never seen fur-iousness quite like this. After you watch these suckers try to stave off this kitty’s Cujo-like intensity, see KEANU — the new Key & Peele comedy that will show you just how far two people will go to save a cat.

It’s actually really far, you will be impressed.

KEANU opens on April 29, 2016 at a theater near you.