Keanu Reeves Wants His ‘The Matrix’ Co-Star Carrie-Anne Moss To Play An Assassin In ‘John Wick’

The Matrix Resurrections is proving to be the most polarizing blockbuster since The Last Jedi, but one aspect of the (good imo) film that nearly everyone can agree works is any scene where Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are together. They have a real-life “soul friendship,” as Moss described it, and it shows when they’re playing Neo and Trinity. Moss said she’s “watched him grow in the last 20 years” and is “in awe of it,” while Reeves responded with an equal amount of admiration. “You’ve got a flavor. It’s Trinity! It’s Carrie-Anne Moss, Trinity flavor,” he exclaimed. “All the fierceness and mind, focus, commitment is there in the gestures. Untamed and wild and controlled.”

We should all be so lucky as to receive a compliment from Reeves, and Moss received the greatest compliment of all: an invitation to join the John Wick franchise.

“I love John Wick,” she told People. “I really started to understand Keanu’s outrageous gift for telling story through his body. And I didn’t fully understand that until I went deep into John Wick with one of my children. It was very bonding for us too. It was amazing to have that experience with my son and to watch the depth that Keanu is able to [create] with his body. It’s really an art form.” After hearing her affection for John Wick, Reeves asked, “You want to play an assassin?”

“I’d love it,” said Moss.

Reeves: “Really?”

Moss: “Yeah!”

Reeves: “Okay. Let’s get on that.”

Moss: “I’ll start practicing.”

Reeves: “Be careful for what you wish for. I’m on it now.”

John Wick already has Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. It can make room for another Matrix star — especially since John Wick: Chapter 4 was just bumped to 2023. That gives director Chad Stahelski (who plays, yes, Chad in The Matrix Resurrections) plenty of time to let Moss join the film as the world’s most stylish assassin, or whatever.

(Via People)