Keanu Reeves Recommended Keanu Movies For The Uninitiated, And His Top Pick After ‘The Matrix’ Is Diabolical

Everyone likes Keanu Reeves. Heck, even Succession‘s Logan Roy (sort-of!) likes Keanu Reeves. And it’s difficult to envision a world where Keanu doesn’t exist, and one would be hard pressed to find a movie lover who hasn’t gobbled up a majority of Keanu’s movies. Well, Keanu is out there promoting The Matrix Resurrections, which (I’m unofficially declaring) will be the moment when movies are fully back, even though the box-office cut will be diminished by simultaneous HBO Max streaming.

Reeves sat down for an Esquire interview to promote the return of his second-best franchise (I hear you, John Wick fans, and for Speed holdouts, two movies does not quite a franchise make, especially with no Keanu in the sequel), and he fielded a few variant questions on what movie he’d most recommend to those who haven’t been initiated to his awesomeness. In both answers, The Devil’s Advocate came out strong. And it’s no wonder, for that movie was devilish fun [it’s one of our top Keanu picks, too, even if it’s not the only Hell-themed flick (there was also Constantine) in Keanu history]. Here’s what he had to say to those people who have no idea that Keanu movies exist:

“Okay, let’s just start with The Matrix–and when I say The Matrix, let’s do the trilogy–that’s one. Then let’s do The Devil’s Advocate. And then let’s do…we need something action-y in there, so let’s do Point Break.”

And he’s also sticking with the sentiment while discussing his 1990s flicks:

“I’m not going to pick a favorite. I have searing incredible memories from all of these films. I will say that working on The Devil’s Advocate and getting the chance to act with Al Pacino, I mean…”

Yep, not only did Reeves get to act with fiery, scenery chewing Pacino, but that movie also had plenty of Sinatra moves and some (waist-up) flamenco dancing. It’s no Scent of a Woman, but it’ll do. You should watch both movies over the holidays. You won’t be sorry.

The Matrix Resurrections will arrive in theaters (and will stream on HBO Max) on December 22.

(Via Esquire)