Nice Guy Keanu Reeves Had An Unusual Gift For The ‘John Wick 4’ Stunt Team, Some Of Whom Had To ‘Die’ Several Times

Keanu Reeves is arguably the most gregarious of Hollywood’s major stars. Everyone who works with him sings his praises. One thing he loves is giving people gifts. For instance, he gave the stunt team for his latest, John Wick: Chapter 4, Rolexes. But that’s not all he gave them.

A New York Times profile of the blockbuster (in a bit teased out by Insider) discusses its immense and dedicated stunt team, comprised of 35 professionals. As you may know, John Wick 4 has quite a bit more than 35 daredevil deaths. Indeed, some stunt people were killed by its puppy-avenging hitman hero multiple times. (One of them “died” five or six times doing that steps scene alone.

But they were rewarded handsomely, not just with Rolexes but also with specially-made t-shirts, tailor-made for each stunt person. What was on them? A number revealing how many times they had eaten it over the course of the film. Some of them had numbers that were over 20.

The stunt team may find themselves on the receiving end of more Keanu Reeves gifts. John Wick 4 did so well last weekend it may have scotched the star and director Chad Stahelski’s plan to make it their last in the series.

(Via NYT and Insider)