Someone, Anyone, Please Let Keanu Reeves Star In A Musical

Keanu Reeves is many things, including a good bass player, a skilled martial artist, a Virgo, and sometimes, on occasion, he is also an actor. You know him from The Matrix and John Wick and other vehicular-related action films, but you don’t know him from any movie musicals, because he hasn’t done any… yet.

In preparation for the biggest cinematic event of the year (behind Barbie), Reeves did a big Reddit AMA over the weekend, and even though he didn’t do it in character as John Wick, he did it as himself, The Internet’s Favorite Guy, and that’s even better. Sure, his picture looked like he was being held hostage, but we all know that he has enough combative skills to get out of it if he really wanted to, and he sure didn’t.

Keanu Reddit

The actor revealed various tidbits about his life (he had a pet guinea pig named Carrot who he called a “cutie-pie”) while also discussing some of his favorite movie memories (he loved playing opposite Patrick Swayze in Point Break) and a bunch of other stuff (he would like to be a bird, if possible).

But the main takeaway here, besides the fact that Reeves is a fan of Alvvays, is that he really wants to be in a musical, despite his lack of singing abilities, even though that never stopped Russell Crowe, even when it should have.

“I would love to be in a musical,” Reeves posted, “But I can’t sing so I’m not sure anybody else would want me in a musical.. but I sure would try. I mean I could sing, but not really well. I can always dream.” It’s so funny because Keanu Reeves singing is actually a dream I have all the time.

It’s true that Reeves has never been in a musical, even though Bill and Ted could count if you really wanted to make it work. So let’s investigate: what type of musical guy would he be? The long-lost father? Or the sneaky villain with an affinity for vibrato? Or would he be likely to join a musical biopic a la Rocketman or Elvis? Could he be the next a capella sensation to revitalize the Pitch Perfect franchise? Hopefully not.

But he does want to follow in Hugh Jackman’s footsteps by either singing or playing Wolverine, which is another dream of his. Maybe he can combine the two into a singing assassin type. Why not! Anything goes these days. It seems like it’s time for Reeves to take some time away from murdering various assassins in order to get some proper singing lessons. We already know he can dance just fine.

(Via Reddit)