There Was Almost A ‘Speed’ (And A ‘The Lake House’) Reunion In ‘Bullet Train’ Involving Supporting Player Sandra Bullock

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock never worked together before, but in 2022 they’ve teamed for not one but two movies. Earlier this year, Pitt had a small, fun role in The Lost City, starring Bullock and Channing Tatum. Now Bullock is the one with the small, fun role in the Pitt vehicle Bullet Train. She plays the handler for Pitt’s assassin, who’s tasked him with obtaining a briefcase for a never-seen handler named Barry. But the filmmakers thought about showing Barry, and if they did the movie might have featured a Speed (and a The Lake House) reunion.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Bullet Train director David Leitch participated in an American Cinematheque talkback, where he revealed who he wanted to play the film’s mysterious client. “My dream cast was Keanu,” Leitch told the crowd. “Wouldn’t it have been great? Hey, Bullet Train 2!”

After the 1994 blockbuster, which made him an even bigger star than before (and made her an overnight sensation), Reeves famously turned down Speed 2: Cruise Control. Bullock was then paired with Jason Patric for the underperforming sequel. But it wasn’t the last time Reeves and Bullock saw each other. They reunited for a very different film, the 2006 fantasy romance The Lake House. But maybe they’ll team back up yet again should the world get Bullet Train 2, and she’ll get yet another great gift from one of the nicest people in Hollywood.

(Via EW)