Keanu Reeves (With A Buzz Cut) And Alex Winter Sent Fans A Message For World Kindness Day

Keanu Reeves is currently in Berlin and working on The Matrix 4, which puts him back in Neo-mode and must have everything to do with the buzz cut that he’s rocking in a new video that he made with Bill and Ted: Face The Music co-star Alex Winter. I like to envision that these two have a nightly Zoom call with each other, so don’t take that away from me, but here, they decided to team up with their joint positive energy for a World Kindness Day (Nov. 13) message to the world from Orion Pictures.

We could all stand some kindness right now, even if the word has been allegedly misappropriated by The Ellen Show over the years. Forget about all of that and, for at least a few moments, about all the anger (much if it justifiable) in the world today. In place of that negative energy, we can all appreciate Alex and Keanu taking some time to simply spread some cheer. It’s not quite as soothing as hearing Keanu discuss trees on HBO Max’s World Of Calm, but it’s still nice.

Hopefully, it won’t take too long for Keanu’s famous hair and scruffiness to grow back, too. Then he can get on the John Wick horse again and obliterate the pandemic. Admit it, you’d want to watch that happen.