Keanu Reeves’ Support For Tibet Is Prompting Chinese Nationalists To Boycott ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Despite being one of America’s most beloved and kindest actors, Keanu Reeves is facing significant backlash in China that could tank the box office for The Matrix Resurrections. Shortly after Resurrections premiered in China, Reeves’ participation in a Tibet House U.S. benefit concert was announced, which severely angered Chinese nationalists. Supporting Tibet independence is a major taboo to the Chinese communist party, and seeing Reeves being involved in the movement sparked threats of a boycott that could hurt Resurrections, which was already struggling in Chinese theaters.

“How can Keanu Reeves not understand this and take part in a pro-Tibet independence concert? Aren’t these celebrities afraid of losing the China market?” one user wrote on the popular Chinese social media site Weibo as others begin to pile on The Matrix actor and any celebrities involved in the pro-Tibet concert. Via Variety:

“These high school graduates in Hollywood can’t even identify where Tibet is on the map, but they ‘care’ if people there are leading a good life,” another user wrote on Weibo.

There was no lack of personal attacks on Reeves. “He’s already a has-been. What kind of market value does he have?” one user questioned. “Tibet belongs to China,” another account stressed.

According to Variety, Reeves has yet to respond to the backlash, and he’s still listed as a participant for the concert which will take place in early March.

(Via Variety)