Kevin Bacon Will Tell You How Many Days He’s Been Married To Kyra Sedgwick

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In terms of celebrity marriages, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have nearly broken the Hollywood record. Some film executives may have been able to maintain some low-key unions, but in terms of paparazzi targets, Kevin and Kyra have kept things going in the face of unbeatable odds. These two have been married since September 1988, which barely falls behind the “gold standard” set by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who said their vows in April of the same year.

These two couples are pretty much even in terms of accomplishment, and they cast a hefty shadow upon Robert Downey Jr. and his measly 10 years of wedded bliss (but not really). Most people realize that marriage is tough stuff, and anyone who says otherwise may have another thing coming. Downey’s persistence is especially notable after he fought his way back from addiction.

As for Bacon, he has weathered some serious storms with Kyra, including the financial damage wrought by the Bernie Madoff meltdown. The couple lost millions of dollars to the Ponzi schemer, and Kevin admitted he and Kyra coped with the damage by having lots of sex because it was “free,” and why not?

Kevin’s celebration began arrived with a grainy (but still flattering) photo of his beloved.

As a tribute to his lovely lady, Kevin reminded everyone how he’s been married for 9,855 days. Niiiice work, and well played.