We Asked Kevin Feige If We Will Learn How The MCU Ends Before We Die

Senior Entertainment Writer


With Avengers: Infinity War and next year’s fourth Avengers film, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is headed to a conclusion of sorts. At least, this particular narrative is coming to an end and something else will start. Of course, the MCU will continue on and on and on and as someone who likes these movies, I’m starting to worry I’ll never find out how this ends over the course of a normal human lifespan.

So when speaking to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, I point blank asked him if I live to a normal life expectancy, will I learn how the story ends before I die. At first Feige laughed, then gave an answer that kind of reads as a nice way of saying, sorry, you will be gone before these movies are. But, Feige also explains that’s why these next two Avengers films do act as a sort of stopping point.

So, will we ever know how this ends?

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