Kevin Feige Gets A Massive Job Promotion At Marvel And Everyone’s Got Jokes

Kevin Feige has been the president and CEO of Marvel Studios, the cinematic wing of Marvel’s ever-growing multimedia empire, for some time now. While his domain is also responsible for the upcoming slate of new television shows for the Disney+ streaming service, the Marvel TV wing — which is responsible for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the since-canceled Netflix shows, and more — remains bound to Marvel Entertainment and its CEO, Ike Perlmutter. Though the controversial Perlmutter remains in control of this facet of the company, it seems Marvel TV and others are now Feige’s concern.

According to Variety, Feige was named Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, or CCO, on Tuesday. This means that he’s now “responsible for the overall creative direction of Marvel’s storytelling across mediums, including publishing, film, TV, and animation.” It also indicates that “Marvel Television and Marvel Family Entertainment will be moving under the Marvel Studios banner.” Even so, Dan Buckley is to remain president of Marvel Entertainment and Perlmutter is still its chairman.

Other prominent persons at Marvel, like Joe Quesada, are also remaining in their current positions. All Feige’s new gig (along with remaining Marvel Studios’ president and CEO) means is that he’s got a new promotion and, more importantly, will be able to maintain more control over all things Marvel for Disney’s Alan Horn and Alan Bergman. So, yes, Perlmutter and some of the more problematic elements of the so-called “creative committee” are still there, but that didn’t stop Twitter from celebrating the news.

Oh, and don’t forget he’s working on a Star Wars project at Lucasfilm, too.

(Via Variety)