Kevin Feige On The Possibility Of Using The X-Men Or Fantastic Four In The MCU


Disney’s purchase of Fox isn’t 100 percent a done deal yet, so obviously Marvel Studio head Kevin Feige isn’t quite yet in a position to greenlight films starring the characters that are still currently owned by Fox (namely: X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and a whole host of great villains like Doctor Doom and Galactus). But this is a different situation than when Feige helped negotiate a deal with Sony for the use of Spider-Man in the MCU. This whole thing with Fox is much bigger and isn’t directly related to individual characters, they just kind of come with the whole big package.

But when speaking to Feige about Avengers: Infinity War, we proposed a question about it anyway: If and when the deal goes through, which character would get the Spider-Man treatment. Basically, what one character would Feige want to get in a movie right away like they did with Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War? Not surprisingly, Feige didn’t offer specifics but he did admit he’s been daydreaming about it for a long time.

“The truth?,” says Feige. “I really haven’t given it anymore thought than I did in my normal daydreaming over the last ten years. Until it’s done and until we are told, ‘Okay, proceed,’ we have enough storylines and characters and expectations to try and meet, or exceed, without thinking about that.”

At this point I tell Feige that I can picture him shooting off an email to put the Human Torch in a movie right away so that people will gasp when he unexpectedly shows up in Ant-Man 4 or whatever…

Feige laughed. He then paused and said, “I mean, I don’t know about the future. I know about the past because we already did it and that’s certainly how I felt about Spider-Man. And I still pinch myself that that was able to happen.”

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