Kevin Hart Used A Bit Of ‘Gamesmanship’ To Outpace This LSU All-American In A Sprint

03.12.16 3 years ago

Why wait for the Olympics for the mainstream to give a damn about track and field? All you need is Kevin Hart, some slick “gamesmanship” (read: cheating) and an unsanctioned sprinting showdown and you’ve already got a must-see sporting moment.

In the latest example of no one being able to outhustle the diminutive comedian, Hart ran into two-time LSU All-American Jada Martin and wrangled himself a one-on-one footrace with the athlete. She can run the 60m in 7.34 seconds and Hart… well, let’s just say he’s not being scouted for the U.S. national team. Dude definitely has his celebrity jock bonafides, though.

So in the battle between a mega-skilled sprinter and a dude with a mouth that travels at breakneck speeds, who do ya got? Well, if you hit play on the video above, you got some compelling video evidence that you should always bet on whoever’s gonna shamelessly cheat to win.

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