Kevin Hart’s ‘Chocolate Droppa’ Went Toe-To-Toe With Nick Jonas’ ‘Vanilla Wafer’ (Not A Sex Thing)

Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas have a fair bit in common. They’re both low-key jacked, always busy and probably have the Rock Clock pushed on them when while doing Jumanji stuff. Another a thing the two have in common? They’re both part-time MCs.

We’ve already had an extensive introduction to Kevin Hart’s “Chocolate Droppa” alter-ego and in a new video for his Laugh Out Loud network, the comedian goes to war with Jonas’ “Vanilla Wafer.” This sounds like a naughty naughty adult snuggle thing, but it’s actually a rap battle between the two entertainers. A very silly, very name-droppy battle that is a touch different than what you might see during the dear departed 106 & Park “Freestyle Fridays” (RIP).

“All I’m reading on my timeline is: ‘Why you only challenge rappers?'” notes Droppa off the hop. “So I said: ‘That’s fine, why not bring a singer?'”

Droppa has the advantage over Wafer because he doesn’t have multiple layers holding him down. That said, while no one will mistake Jonas for the second coming of Serius Jones, there’s a certain curiosity factor attached to the “Jealous” tune vendor’s observations about whips and Jay Z. It’s hard to unseat Chocolate Droppa, though. Especially when he screams “THAT’S MUSCLES IN MY BACK, MOTHERF*CKER!” It’s worth a watch and we have the clip nestled above.

(Via Rolling Stone)