Kevin Smith Celebrates His First Post-Heart Attack Birthday With The Perfect ‘Clerks’ Joke

Less than six months ago, Kevin Smith suffered an enormous heart attack, and the world nearly lost him. In the aftermath, he’s embarked upon a massive health kick while forging ahead with teasing huge new projects, including trying to push his Hollyweed TV series into proper liftoff. Smith did, however, find some time to properly mark his 48th birthday with an Instagram photo, which shows him standing in front of a wall that should look awfully familiar to fans of Smith’s oeuvre, given that this is the New Jersey store made famous by Clerks.

To that effect, Smith marked the occasion with the most famous line from the 1994 indie flick, in which the Dante character (while enduring the shift from hell at work) persists in declaring, “I’m not even supposed to be here today!”

Today, August 2nd, 2018, I am 48 years old. This is me leaning against the wall that changed my life. Speaking of life, I almost didn’t make it out alive this year. So in the words of the great Dante Hicks “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” If you’re looking to get me a cheap but meaningful gift? Help me green light my new show #hollyweed (link in my bio)!

Smith, of course, is truly grateful that he managed to stick around despite the odds, not only in terms of physically surviving his medical crisis, but also in Hollywood, where he’s been kicking around for nearly 25 years. Hopefully, many more birthday-Instagram posts like this shall come from the director, who’d also love a vote of audience confidence to help bring Hollyweed to the small screen. If you wish to provide a supportive fist bump, you may do so here.