Kevin Smith’s ‘Jay And Silent Bob’ Reboot Will Bring Back Another ‘Chasing Amy’ Fave, Too


Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob reboot is so big it’s been bringing back the whole View Askewverse crew, although probably not Ben Affleck as Holden. Since Jason Lee’s Banky may be coming back, why not Alyssa Jones, the heroine of Smith’s third (and still most serious) picture, Chasing Amy, played by Joey Lauren Adams.

The news, caught by The Hollywood Reporter, came via Twitter, namely Adams’ account, where the actress posted a simple picture of a trailer bearing the words “Alyssa Jones.”

Adams’ Alyssa is, like Holden and Banky, a comics writer, and also a lesbian who befriends — then semi-reluctantly begins dating — Holden, before he ruins it by being a dumb, jealous man. Released in 1997, Chasing Amy was a critical and commercial success that saved Smith’s career after the disastrous Mallrats, though even that film has rebounded to the point that it got a glorified shout-out in Captain Marvel.

In addition to (possibly) Affleck and Lee — as well as stars Jason Mewes and Smith himself — Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob reboot will also feature Redman and Method Man, a girl gang that includes Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith, plus a shout-out to Captain Marvel Smith revealed over Instagram the other day.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)