Ridley Scott Will Reshoot Kevin Spacey’s Scenes In ‘All The Money In The World’ With Christopher Plummer In His Role

With multiple allegations of sexual assault mounting against Kevin Spacey, Ridley Scott and Imperative Entertainment have made the unprecedented call to cut Spacey from the upcoming film All The Money In The World. Scott, with the blessing of co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, will replace Spacey with Christopher Plummer in the role of J Paul Getty.

According to Deadline, scenes involving Spacey will be re-shot with Plummer, Wahlberg, and Williams immediately, and Scott is adamant that the film will still meet its original release date of December 22. The film was recently pulled from the closing night of the American Film Institute Fest on November 16th as Tristar Films reacted to the news surrounding Spacey.

In a statement, Tristar said: “All the Money in the World is a superb film and more than worthy of its place of honor in the AFI Fest, but given the current allegations surrounding one of its actors and out of respect for those impacted, it would be inappropriate to celebrate at a gala at this difficult time. Accordingly, the film will be withdrawn.”

This is the second occasion in recent weeks when filmmakers reacted to the sexual assault allegations that are becoming ever-present in Hollywood. After Harvey Weinstein’s accusers came forward against the powerful producer, Taylor Sheridan, the writer/director of Wind River had all credits to the Weinstein Company wiped and profits from the film re-routed to charity, saying “The profits he would have made are going to benefit people that endured exactly the abuse that he doled out.”

Spacey reportedly spent 8-10 days shooting All The Money In The World and is somewhat prominent in marketing materials, which will now be scrubbed of his performance. He’s also being cut from CBS’ tribute to Carol Burnett.

(Via Vulture/Deadline)