Kevin Spacey Delivered Pizza To Paparazzi Photographers Who Were Stalking His Swanky Hiding Place

Kevin Spacey has spent most of the last year-plus laying low, presumably quite aware that no one wants to see or hear from him since he received multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. That’s all changed. In the last week, Spacey — who is on the cusp of being arraigned of an assault-and-battery charge — has come out swinging. On Christmas Eve, he dropped a bizarre video in which he resurrected Frank Underwood, his killed-off House of Cards anti-hero. Now he’s delivering pizza to the paparazzi.

This comes from The Daily Mail, who posted photos their team took of the two-time Oscar-winner making his first semi-public appearance since last fall. The British tabloid had tracked down Spacey in his Baltimore “hiding place.” Their reward: A personal appearance from the star of K-Pax, with pizza in tow.

Spacey, who is soon due in Nantucket District Court, emerged from the mansion he’s staying in to gift them with a complimentary medium-sized pie. He wore a hat that read “Retired Since 2017” — yet another winky dig at the very real trouble he’s in.

“I know you’re just doing your job,” he told the reporters. “Keep warm and have a happy New Year.”

The cherry on top? It was Domino’s. It’s the thought that counts.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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