Kristen Bell, Fred Armisen, And Bill Hader Parodied ‘Birdman’ To Kick Off The Independent Spirit Awards

The Independent Spirit Awards has seen its fair share of top notch hosts in past years, including Seth Rogen and Patton Oswalt. This year seemed to take a different direction by having Kristen Bell and Fred Armisen play hosts, making the whole thing feel a bit off.

They kicked things off with a pretty top notch parody of Birdman, featuring some help from Adam Scott, Miles Teller, and Bill Hader as director Alejandro González Iñárritu or El Directoro as I will probably call him from here on out. Teller is there to send up Whiplash and also to slap Armisen in the face, something I’m sure a few people would like to do from day to day.

But then came the monologue itself, which just felt lukewarm compared to previous shows. Instead of Patton Oswalt riffing for close to fifteen minutes, we got a six minute SNL monologue that ended with a song. It was a little disappointing.

I’ll always accept a Bill Hader appearance, though. He usually finds a way to make me enjoy something.

(Via Film Independent)