‘Lady Bird’ Just Made Rotten Tomatoes History

With 168 reviews in and counted (already up from this tweet), Lady Bird is officially the most reviewed film to maintain its 100 percent score on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer. The record was previously held by Toy Story 2 and its 163 reviews. In addition to that record-breaker, the Greta Gerwig insta-classic’s unilaterally stellar reviews put Lady Bird on the Rotten Tomatoes Top Movies list, sitting pretty as the number 52 movie of all time, between Alien and The Philadelphia Story.

With zero reviews certified “rotten” and 168 certified “fresh” (including those from our own Vince Mancini and Mike Ryan), Lady Bird has captured near-universal praise from audiences as well–audiences that helped the film hit other records this year, including top limited opening of 2017. The film’s success has been a surprise even to its star, Saoirse Ronan, as she explained to us last week.

Yeah, I’m always surprised. I think whenever anything does well – I mean, I’ve only ever had it once before – but getting a response like this is something that you dream of, but you can’t necessarily expect it because most of the time it doesn’t happen. And that’s not to say that the film doesn’t deserve it, but it was a small film, it was a low budget, it’s about a teenage girl, and those things don’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get commercial success or anything like that. And the fact that we’ve gotten so much love and people, men and women, have really understood it and really related to it has been so amazing.

While the Tomatometer is admittedly not a scientific conclusion of quality (not that there’s any way to scientifically quantify art), this is still pretty cool.