Leonardo DiCaprio Had A Fantastic Time With The Kiss Cam At The BAFTAs

Leonardo DiCaprio is a happy man. The Revenant won big at the BAFTAs, taking home Best Film and DiCaprio himself winning the Leading Actor award. This moves him ever-closer to the Oscars, and considering how he’s won everything he’s been nominated for this award season, that long-awaited Oscar win that’s eluded him for so long is almost guaranteed. Finally. Naturally, this put Leo into a kissing mood, and when the BAFTA kiss-cam turned on, he planted a big smooch on Harry Potter star Maggie Smith, who was nominated for Best Actress for her work in The Lady in the Van. It seemed like she didn’t mind the multiple kisses from Leo, and he didn’t mind giving them.

There’s love all around the BAFTAs this year. Even Julianne Moore and Bryan Cranston got into the celebration, getting sloppy in a brief, but intense makeout session. Kisses. Kisses all around! Except for Michael Fassbender, who lost out to Leo for the Lead Actor award. He dusted off his Steve Jobs persona and refused to kiss Alicia Vikander despite the camera staying on the pair awkwardly for a few moments. C’mon, Fass!

It’s alright. The thought of Professor McGonagall and Calvin Candie kissing is too fascinating to deny. You can never take that from us, Fassbender!

(Via EW)