Leonardo DiCaprio’s Stepbrother Is Running From The Police And In Serious Debt

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Just in case you live under a rock (or agree wholeheartedly with Tina Fey’s anti-celebrity lectures rant), Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in The Revenant. Huzzah, Leo! He finally got to baby his new golden statue like a proud first-time father and vape the night away. As much as DiCaprio was celebrating his triumphant win, however, he was probably trying to forget his extended family troubles — like his less successful stepbrother Adam Farrar, who’s currently on the run from the police.

As the British tabloid The Sun reports, Farrar and his partner, Charity Moore (yes, Charity Moore) were caught in January allegedly trying to steal around $1,000 in goods. They were subsequently released, but required to appear in court on February 18. Neither party made the court date, and now Farrar and Moore (Charity friggin’ Moore, c’mon!) are on the run from the law. Whether the pair is caught or turns themselves in, they must each pay a bail set for $3,000.

According to an unidentified “family source” interviewed by the tabloid:

“Leo is sympathetic but this is the latest in a long line of offences and he’s at the end of his tether.

“He got fed up with Adam asking to borrow money and not paying it back. No one knows where Adam and Charity have gone.”

Farrar — himself a former actor with esteemed film and television credits like Galactica 1980The Devil and Max Devlin, and Pups — is credited by many with encouraging DiCaprio to become an actor. So, like all great celebrities, the Oscar-winner has a close family member to attribute the origins of his current success to.

Then again, this also means that DiCaprio belongs to a rather large, popular club whose membership includes countless performers, politicians and the like. That is, people with siblings whose controversies match their success in terms of extremity. Other members include former president Bill Clinton (Roger Clinton, Jr.) and snubbed-by-The-Academy actor Sylvester Stallone (Frank Stallone).

(Via The Sun and Unilad)

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