Lexi Alexander Jokingly Offered To Direct ‘Ms. Marvel’ For Free

Marvel / Getty

Lexi Alexander has a great sense of humor about Punisher: War Zone, a movie she’s said she wishes had been under Marvel’s control instead of Lionsgate’s. Now she’s jokingly offered to direct a movie for Marvel. Just one catch, it has to be a different version of Ms. Marvel than the one slated to hit screens in 2018.

When someone asked Alexander what she thought about Ronda Rousey playing Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie, the Oscar-nominated director said she still wants to see Katee Sackhoff in the role. (Well, join the club.)


She then quickly added that the One True Ms. Marvel is, of course, current comics version Kamala Khan. She then offered to direct Khan’s story sans paycheck.



It’s clearly a joke — and one which she doesn’t think or at least doesn’t expect anyone should write about (whoopsiedoodle) — but don’t count her out of returning to comic book adaptations. She’s rumored to be directing an episode of Arrow eventually, and she said on the How Did This Get Made? podcast that she doesn’t want people to think she doesn’t like comic book movies. Well, the full quote was, “While I was sitting at the Oscars, I wasn’t thinking, ‘I hope I get offered the third remake of Punisher,’ okay? I just don’t want people to think I don’t like the whole comic book thing.”

She followed up the tweets with a succinct example of why a movie staring Kamala Khan would be a big deal to some kids out there:



And, just now, she added a final thought about the huge reaction her casual joke received.


(Via Bleeding Cool and How Did This Get Made?)