A Memorable ‘Licorice Pizza’ Scene Is Based On Something That Actually Happened To Alana Haim And Her Rock Star Sisters

Licorice Pizza is finally out in theaters everywhere, so you no longer have to live in New York or Los Angeles to enjoy one of the best movies of 2021.

The 1970s-set throwback stars Cooper Hoffman (Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son) and Alana Haim (of the Grammy-nominated band Haim), who told Elle that there’s “one very specific moment” in the film that’s based on something that actually happened to her.

“The Shabbat scene with my family is based on something that actually happened where, at the time, my middle sister was dating this guy that she brought to Passover, which is a huge deal,” she said (as a Jew, I can confirm: huge deal). “You’re meeting not only my family but my extended family. We’re all at my house to celebrate, and there’s a tradition where you go around, and you read a paragraph of the Haggadah, and it got to him, and he respectfully refused, because he was an atheist. I think it was the most awkward Passover dinner I’d ever been to.” Haim added, “I remember telling Paul that story, and then reading the script and being like, huh, well, it’s in the script.”

The Safdies (one of whom, Benny, is in Licorice Pizza) need to make a movie about the guy who blew it with a literal rock star because he wouldn’t read the four questions.

(Via Elle)