Let’s Celebrate The ‘Little Italy’ Trailer’s Most Baffling Lines Of Dialogue

A recent question of interest involves whether or not the endangered romantic-comedy species can be saved. While that debate continues, one thing is certain — a new romcom called Little Italy (Voltage Pictures) isn’t likely to resuscitate the genre. At least, the above trailer features baffling lines of dialogue while Emma Roberts and Hayden Christiansen go through the motions of falling in love amid a war between their families … who happen to operate rival pizza joints … that happen to be located in Manhattan’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Never mind that Little Italy is is not very Italian these days (and people don’t really go there to eat), for not much else makes sense in this film’s apparent plot either. The story plays as an unintentionally hilarious take on Romeo and Juliet, and again, the dialogue is excruciatingly bad, including these gems:

“There’s a reason they call it Little Italy, because nothing ever changes here.”

“While our families have been at war, love has been at work.”

“No one ever trusts a skinny cook.”

“Afraid you might get … wet?”

“Oh my god.” “Yeah, you were saying that a lot last night.”

“If you want it, you have to put a ring on it.” “What was your grandmother’s name, Beyonce?”

“You can take the girl out of Little Italy, but you can’t take Little Italy out of the girl.”

“That’s not oregano.”

And of course, the trailer wraps up with a joke about Romeo and Juliet dying. If Christensen was hoping to override his worst Darth Vader line, that mission may have been accomplished with this film. Little Italy (from Mystic Pizza director Donald Petrie, who also brought us Miss Congeniality and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days) arrives in theaters on August 24.

Admittedly, these posters are kind of amazing.

Voltage Pictures
Voltage Pictures