This Video Summary Of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Is As Hilarious As It Is Useless

We’ve been keeping tabs on the parodies of Neil Cicierega for a long time. Any guy who can turn John Lennon’s “Imagine” into Smash Mouth’s “All-Star” is worth keeping an eye on, for numerous reasons.

Lately, he’s been making hilariously inaccurate video guides to beloved geek properties, like his guide to the various races of Star Trek. An hour or so ago, he released a new, exceedingly-helpful guide to The Lord of the Rings. Oops, we meant J.R.P.G. Torkelson’s The Lorne of the Rings trilogy, which was adapted into director Tito Jackson’s three-part epic: The Friendship of the Rim, Look at Those Rings: The Two Princes, and A League of Their Own: The Return to Innocence.

Follow along as Fraggle Batches goes on an adventure with Slamjam, Airhorn, Legalize Greenleaf, Carfax, Garfield the Great, and many more. Come for the silly names, stay for the subtle background music (MIDI embed of “The Boys Are Back in Town” anyone?) and dialogue replacement. Today, we are all taking the home boys to laser tag.

(Via Neil Cicierega)