Ludacris, Like All Sensible People, Thinks ‘Fast Five’ Is The Best ‘Fast And Furious’ Movie (For Now)

Every Fast and Furious movie is, at the very least, good. Vin Diesel in sleeveless shirts + Corona product placement + Tej and Roman buddy comedy is a recipe that works, y’know? But some movies in the ever-expanding franchise are better than others, and none are better than Fast Five. So far.

“I would say Five is definitely the best,” Fast star Chris “Ludacris” Bridges told Esquire [insert dramatic pause here), “up until we get the second part of 10. Because 10 and 11 might have to be joined together, so I can’t judge it based on Part One.” He added, “There’s a possibility that Fast X, in its completion, might be the greatest action film of all time.”

It appears the interview took place before Vin Diesel revealed that the Fast saga will end in a trilogy, with Fast X and Fast 11 joined by Fast 12. That it “might be the greatest action film of all time” is a bold claim, but if Diesel can resolve his “candy ass” feud with The Rock, anything is possible.

“I’m not BS-ing you, this was the greatest experience of my life,” director Louis Leterrier told Uproxx about Fast X. “I had the greatest time… Everything was like, wow, I’m having the time of my life.” This is also what I imagine Jason Momoa’s inner monologue is like when he’s riding a motorcycle.

(Via Esquire)