War Boys Are Out To Get Fuel In The George Miller-Inspired Parody, ‘Mad Max: Road Kill BBQ’

There is a little less than a month before the Mad Max: Fury Road Blu-ray hits shelves. While George Miller’s high octane blockbuster return to the universe he created is still playing at theaters around the country, fans are not only gearing up to own the movie for themselves, but to also partake in the new video game title set to hit shelves on the same day.

Mad Max tribute videos seem to be old hat at this point, but Corridor Digital — the folks behind that real life GTA V video — just released one and it’s pretty damn nifty. Directed by Mike Diva and sponsored by WB Games, “Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ” follows two down on their luck War Boys as they try to score themselves some much needed guzzoline. The only problem? They need some fresh meat to complete the transaction.

(Via Corridor Digital)