Margot Robbie Has Her Next Warner Brothers Project Lined Up With ‘Queen Of The Air’

While Suicide Squad may have been met with less than stellar reviews, Margot Robbie‘s take on Harley Quinn was received with glowing praise. She went toe to toe with veteran actors like Viola Davis and Will Smith and managed to imbue her character with perfectly deranged charisma despite a lackluster script. Long story short: Margot Robbie is here to stay and is on her way to being a huge star.

While she wants to play Harley Quinn forever, other offers were sure to come knocking, and her latest project keeps it in the Warner Brothers family. Entertainment Weekly reports that Robbie has signed on to the period romance Queen of the Air, based on the novel by Dean N. Jensen. Queen of the Air tells the tale of the trapeze artist Lillian Leitzel, who fell in love with fellow circus star Alfredo Codona. The two had a tumultuous and passionate relationship that ended tragically, so it will be interesting to see Robbie bring pathos to the complex role.

Between this and the upcoming Harley Quinn anchored super villain feature, Robbie is going to be queen of the multiplexes for the near future. Hopefully more creepy feature stories won’t follow her to the top.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)