Margot Robbie Really Did Spit On Christoph Waltz’s Face In ‘The Legend Of Tarzan’

The Legend Of Tarzan may look like a fun-bordering-on-silly summer blockbuster film or “anti-colonial superhero story,” but it contains some serious method-acting. Namely, a pivotal scene — where Margot Robbie’s damsel-in-distress spits on Christoph Waltz’s villain — actually involved Margot Robbie spitting on Christoph Waltz.

“Yeah, that was not CGI spit,” Robbie tells Jimmy Kimmel. Luckily, Robbie is polite enough to ask before doing something like that, unlike a certain Suicide Squad costar who sent used condoms to Robbie and other cast members without advance warning. “It was like a weirdly intimate thing to do — bodily fluids and yeah — so I just checked and was like, ‘Are you comfortable if I actually spit?’ And he was really cool about it, like ‘—-, I don’t care.'”

In fact, Waltz remained cool as a cucumber (with spit all over him) even though he and Robbie had to go through multiple takes. She jokes now that they spit every time they see each other. “It’s like how we greet each other,” she said. When Kimmel asks her to pop up from behind the couch when Waltz is on the show to spit on him again though, she declines. Even if the spitting theme isn’t carried over, I wonder if Kimmel will unearth an amazing childhood photo of Waltz as well, like this one of a geeky child Robbie drinking tea and reading Harry Potter.