Mark Wahlberg Asked Pope Francis To Forgive Him For Appearing In ‘Ted’

On Saturday evening, Mark Wahlberg served as the master of ceremonies for the Festival of Families in Philadelphia. The main attraction, of course, was Pope Francis, who continued his weekend extravaganza after a Rocky tribute. With all of the movies that Wahlberg has starred in (and there have been some bad ones), one movie weighed heavily upon his conscience.

It seems Ted is the Wahlberg movie that makes the actor want to do penance. Perhaps a few Hail Marys will help God look past all those raunchy jokes someday. In the meantime, he couldn’t resist cracking a joke about his teddy-bear movie to Pope Francis:

After Bobby Hill, 14, of the Keystone State Boychoir performed an opera solo, he told Wahlberg that he liked his performance in the movie about an angry talking teddy bear.

“He whispered in my ear that he liked the movie Ted,'” Wahlberg said. “I told him that was not appropriate for his age. Holy Father, please forgive me.”

Pope Francis has probably not watched Ted (or any of Wahlberg’s oeuvre at all), but he gave a polite nod from his pope throne. Then Wahlberg, who appeared in Invincible as a bartender-turned Philadelphia Eagles football player, cheered “Go Eagles!”

Clearly, Wahlberg was joking and making light of an offhand remark from a child performer, but in the grand scheme of sketchy Mark Wahlberg behavior, he’s looking to be forgiven for Ted. Now that’s comedy, folks.

(Via Page Six)