Mark Ruffalo Says He Could Take Jason Statham

No, the end of that headline isn’t “… to a rally about the dangers of fracking.”

Last week, Jason Statham — the guy who mostly does movies where his characters are revered for driving fast, I just thought I’d point that out — told an Italian website called I 400 Calci that superhero movies are just full of lazy actors who use stunt doubles like a bunch of pussies.

First of all, I guess he’s not counting Mad Max: Fury Road as one of those types of action movies, considering the stunt doubles found the shoot so challenging that they started making out with each other after filming was over. (That might be a bad example.)

Putting aside that Mark Ruffalo’s character is a gigantic green-skinned monster and thus sort of requires the CGI/green screen treatment, he doesn’t have much to defend here, as he mostly doesn’t have any actual stunts to do in the Marvel movies. That being said, Ruffalo was asked to respond to The Stath’s statement (stathement?) at the premiere of his new film, Infinitely Polar Bear (which, of course, sounds hella intimidating because polar bears are mean).

“[Jason Statham]’s like a featherweight. He’s got nothing on me! Clearly.”

Mark Ruffalo’s not here for your macho bullsh*t, Stath. He’s got NARAL stickers to hand out, and you and your nan can just go parkour yourselves.

(Mark Ruffalo was of course joking. Though, I would like to see everybody’s favorite Hipster Dad fight the guy who’s probably been bald since he was 5 from the abundance of testosterone in his veins.)

(Via Vulture)