Mark Wahlberg And His Bear Try To Steal Tom Brady’s Essence In The ‘Ted 2’ Super Bowl Trailer

It’s only been a few days since the first Ted 2 trailer debuted and we learned that the plot will revolve around the Seth MacFarlane-voiced talking teddy bear’s pursuit of human rights so that he can become a father. But while that trailer gave us only a sticky glimpse into the lengths that Ted and his friend Mark Wahlberg will go to fetch the ingredients needed to knock up Ted’s human bride, last night’s Super Bowl ad went a bit further — and it all tied in nicely to the big game.

In the new trailer, Wahlberg and Ted sneak into now-reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady’s bedroom to steal his essence, peeking under the sheet to reveal the gold shine of a four-time World Championship Quarterback’s junk. Unfortunately for Ted, Brady wakes up before he can get jacked in every sense of the word, tossing Ted out of his window with a “perfect spiral.” If you’ve seen the first movie, however, you know that it’s entirely possible that the bear isn’t fully stuffed and I’m sorry for that deflategate joke.

Ted 2 premieres on June 26th. Can you wait that long to see what other Boston sports royals Mark Wahlberg and a stuffed bear try to fondle in the night time? You’re gonna have to.

Source: YouTube