Mark Wahlberg And David O. Russell Are Working Together Again And It’s Time To Get Excited

Throughout film history there have been iconic pairings of actors and actresses with directors. Directors need muses just as much as other artists do, and usually we, the audience, end up the better for it. Think DiCaprio and Scorsese, Depp and Tim Burton, Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy, Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, Judd Apatow and his band of comedians, and many more. David O. Russell has had a few muses in his time, of late it has seemed like Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have been his inspiration, but in the past it was Mark Wahlberg. Until something happened and Russell moved on.

The had two teamed up on Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees, and The Fighter, all of which had their own magic to them. Wahlberg went on Facebook Live (around the 14-minute mark) this afternoon to answer some fan questions, and when the idea came of revisiting The Fighter came up, Wahlberg admitted that he was getting older and the training was a bit tough on him, but that he and Russell were in the process of another collaboration, this one about Father Stuart Long, a football player who turned into a priest.

Whenever these two get together, something special happens, so while this topic is a bit of a departure from their past collaborations, without a doubt the pairing of Russell and Wahlberg has proven to be a success in the past and chances are that they’ll nail this one as well. It’s about time that these two work together again and that any sort of animosity is buried.

(Via Vulture)