Matt Damon Recalls A Special ‘Good Will Hunting’ Scene With Robin Williams

It has been two years since Robin Williams passed away, and his legacy is still going strong. The Lost Boys from Hook reunited to pay tribute to their costar, making it clear that the thespian had a profound impact on their childhoods, just like he had on so many others. Matt Damon also spoke about Williams in a recent interview with, and had only warm words for his late costar. The two created magic together in Good Will Hunting, and Damon explains that when he and Williams did the iconic bench scene, he knew that the film was going to be something special. As Williams’ Sean Maguire beautifully elaborated on what makes life worth living, Damon was in awe of the legendary talent.

“It was Robin’s scene, and when he was just crushing it on the first take, I just went, ‘This is gonna be really good.'”

Damon also explained that on a recent trip back home to Boston, he and his family returned the the very same bench where they filmed.

“I walked over there with my family and we sat on the bench. The kids didn’t know, they’ve never seen the movie. They’re too young. But it was nice to go back and think about him there.”

It’s wonderful to see Williams’ legacy live on in the hearts and minds of so many, even when the pain of loss still stings.

(Via Time)