Lindsay Lohan Wants To Make ‘Mean Girls 2,’ And She Even Has An Idea For The Sequel

Paramount Pictures

The last movie Lindsay Lohan starred in, Paul Schrader’s The Canyons, came out six years ago. Since then, he wrote and directed First Reformed, which will likely be nominated for multiple Oscars; she created Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, a new MTV reality show about a club she manages in Greece. The Freaky Friday star still wants to act, though; especially in a Mean Girls sequel.

“If anyone has asked for this more than I have, please tell me. I’ve said it so many times, and so many people have asked me, and I think we’d have so much fun doing it,” Lohan told Variety about wanting to do Mean Girls 2. “Tina [Fey] and Lorne [Michaels] are so amazing, and to bring everyone back together would be great. Last time I was in New York, I went up to Lorne, and I was like, ‘Please!’ It’s in their hands.” Lohan has even gone so far as to write a treatment for the film, and pitched it to Fey (“We should do another Mean Girls, like an older version where they’re all housewives and they’re all cheating”).

The entire original cast, including Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Franzese, and Tim Meadows, would have to come back, because “I don’t know what else you could do, unless someone is killed off, but that would not be Mean Girls,” Lohan said. “It has to be everyone.” Hey, guess who was in Schrader’s First Reformed? Her old buddy Amanda Seyfried.

It all comes back around… to The Canyons?

(Via Variety)