Meet ‘I,’ The Indian Werewolf/Transformer/Angel Movie You Now Need To See

Above is the teaser to I, an Indian film. We have no idea what the plot is. We’re not even sure the movie knows what the plot is. But we suspect we’ll be seeing it anyway.

The essential plot, when poking around, is that of Beauty and the Beast; a dude gets soaked with a poisonous chemical that turns him into Igor, and either him or another dude into a werewolf. It’s not terribly clear, especially since the trailer, which was found by Topless Robot, forgoes explaining the plot to show you transforming motorcycles, weightlifter fights, musical numbers, dudes covered in bees, angels, Swanson-grade mustaches, and goat men. Also, remember that this is a mainstream Indian movie, so it’s at least two and a half hours long.

It’s directed by Shankar, who’s Indian cinema’s answer to Steven Spielberg, and the effects are largely done by Weta Workshop, if you were wondering what they were up to now that Hollywood is done squeezing The Hobbit for every last nickel. So, yeah, this is going to be high quality and likely highly entertaining, if quite possibly incoherent.

Seriously, it’s hard to pick one moment in this trailer that’s the most over the top, although personally, I want to see where the kung-fu bicycle fight goes:

And just what the deal with this is:

As for actually seeing it, the good news is that most Indian films come on DVD with English subtitles, as English is a fairly common tongue in the areas Indian cinema screens. Although some of them don’t subtitle the songs or get a little… creative at points. The bad news is that you might have to import a DVD unless there’s a theater near you that regularly screens Indian cinema. Still, that’s a fee we’ll gladly eat to see what the deal with that transforming motorcycle is.