Michael B. Jordan Is The Latest Big-Name Star To Bring A Tom Clancy Character To Life


Amazon’s Jack Ryan series — with The Office star John Krasinski in the title role — was enjoyable. Sure, the eight episodes felt more like an eight-hour-long movie than an episodic television show comprised of individual components, but who’s complaining? Either way, it seems Paramount Pictures has decided to push forward with more properties derived from Tom Clancy’s novels, though with the Jack Ryan character firmly established at Amazon, they’ve decided to go with John Clark, the hero of Rainbow Six, instead. What’s more, Variety reports that Black Panther and Creed star Michael B. Jordan has signed on.

According to the outlet, “Paramount Pictures has tapped Michael B. Jordan to play Clancy hero John Clark in a new film series” that will consist of at least two movies, the aforementioned Rainbow Six and Without Remorse, the latter of which provided an origin story for the character. As a result, Without Remorse will be the first film made in the new series. Akiva Goldsman, the man behind the current iteration of the Transformers movie universe, is “spearheading this endeavor as the film’s main producer.”

Readers familiar with Clancy’s novels will recognize Clark‘s name, not only from his solo adventures, which began with Without Remorse in 1993, but from the many Jack Ryan books he appeared in. Beginning with The Cardinal of the Kremlin in 1998, the former Navy Seal turned CIA operative would often assist Jack “I’m just an analyst” Ryan on his many covert missions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Krasinski’s Ryan will pop up in the first Clark film alongside Jordan, like when Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury cameoed in the first season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but you never know…

(Via Variety)

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