Michael Keaton Has A Sensible Reason For Why He Stayed Away From ‘Batman Forever’

Michael Keaton is currently doing the film promo/awards campaign circuit thing in support of his latest motion picture The Founder, but there’s always time to sneak in the occasional Batman based question, isn’t there?

Keaton and The Hollywood Reporter engaged in a chat touching on a number of key points in the Academy Award nominated actor’s career. Naturally, Keaton’s work as the Caped Crusader came up. He acknowledged to the trade that at its infancy, the Batman franchise wasn’t guaranteed to be a smash. “If it went down, we were going down in a big way,” said Keaton. The actor says it was the script for the first post-Burton Batman film that had him heading for the exit.

“It sucked,” Keaton says of the script he was shown. “I knew it was in trouble when he [Joel Schumacher] said, ‘Why does everything have to be so dark?'”

Did they include in the script that “Kiss From A Rose” would be on the soundtrack? That’d be enough to get its hooks into some people. Anyway, Keaton turning down Batman Forever can be interpreted as a good sign for what he must think of the script for this summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. COULD THIS BE THE MULTIPLICITY/MARVEL CROSSOVER EVENT DESTINED TO HEAL THE NATION??? Probably not, but we’re still excited.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)