The First Reactions To ‘Midsommar’ Call It A Shockingly Funny Horror ‘Masterpiece’


In terms of visibility, Midsommar can’t compete with summer movie titans like Spider-Man: Far From Home or Toy Story 4 or [place random Disney movie here]. It’s an original idea from a boutique film studio (A24) with a small budget and no A-list stars, even if Florence Pugh should already have an Oscar for her performance in Lady Macbeth. For the film to do well at the box office, it needs strong word of mouth. Well, based on the reactions that poured onto Twitter following the movie’s premiere on Tuesday, Midsommar is going to do very well.

Written and directed by Ari Arster (Hereditary), Midsommar is about a young couple, played by Pugh and Jack Reynor, who travel with their friends to Sweden to visit a sun-soaked village hosting a festival that’s held once every 90 years. If you’ve seen the trailer, or literally any horror movie, you know things aren’t quite what they seem. That’s not a surprise — but you know what is shocking? Midsommar is really funny (intentionally so, not like the Danzig movie). It’s also creepy with truly sickening acts of violence, of course, but I found myself laughing, a lot. Is there an Austin Powers reference? Yeah, baby.

We’ll have a full review of Midsommar before the film hits theaters on July 3 (here’s a tease), but for now, let’s check in with the night-of reactions, most of which are extremely positive. That Jordan Peele fellow was onto something!

Check out the trailer above.