Mila Kunis Describes What It Was Like Dating Macaulay Culkin When He Was ‘The Biggest Star In The World’

Behind every great Bad Boys III, there’s a great — or at least well cast — Bad Moms. The R-rated comedy, about a trio of stressed-out women who proverbially (and possibly literally) burn their bras in protest of mom-dom, stars Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis, who was on The Howard Stern Show yesterday to discuss, among other things, her relationships with ex-boyfriend Macaulay Culkin and famous husband Ashton Kutcher.

Kunis dated Pizza Underground founder Culkin beginning in 2002, when she was only 18. “He was huge,” she said. “He always had this weird attraction, like fans just screamed when they saw him. They didn’t know how to react. It wasn’t like a normal response to a celebrity. Fans responded in a very abnormal way to him.” Kunis, who was a few years into That ’70s Show, called Culkin “the biggest star in the world,” despite the fact that it had been a decade since Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and even longer since his greatest accomplishment, Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” music video.

As for Kutcher, they didn’t hook up until after That ’70s Show wrapped in 2006. The pair reunited at an award show, and he invited her to his housewarming party. “So I went over,” Kunis revealed. “Long story short, I didn’t leave till the next morning. And that was the first time, ever, that I’d ever slept over when I was single at a guy’s house.” They tried to keep things casual, but like every rom-com ever, including No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, “sh*t like this does not work out in real life,” according to Kunis.

It’s true, movies are a lie. Unless you’re trying to stop two moist burglars with a blowtorch to the head. That works every time.

(Via Huffington Post)