The Final Trailer For ‘Mile 22’ Features Mark Wahlberg Saving The World To An Unreleased Migos Track

The final trailer for Mile 22 has Mark Wahlberg asking who he can trust and a lot of people with firearms. It also features some fancy fight scenes, including a man in his boxer briefs walking up a windowed wall.

STX Entertainment has released the last trailer for Mile 22, with Wahlberg reuniting with Deepwater Horizon and Lone Survivor director Peter Berg in a film that and this film certainly deviates from the project’s plan a few years ago. Now, Wahlberg leads a group of CIA ghost operatives, democracy itself.

The Walking Dead alum Laura Cohan appears alongside Wahlberg in the film, as does MMA and WWE star Ronda Rousey. John Malkovich is also in the movie’s billing, though he didn’t feature much in the final trailer.

Rousey is said to have had a more reduced role in the movie than previously thought, as the team behind the film questioned whether she can carry a feature film. She does feature often in the trailer’s first 10 seconds, but this is clearly’s Wahlberg’s vehicle. He’ll be in charge of helping an asset reach the mile marker from the movie’s title.

The trailer features an unreleased track from Migos entitled ‘Is you ready?’ Migos have been busy making music for commercial productions as of late, as they recorded the main track for the Madden 19 soundtrack. We’ll see if it makes the movie’s soundtrack when it is released on August 17.