Miles Teller And Dave Franco Top The List Of YA-Movie Vets Vying To Play Young Han Solo

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Casting a new version of one of the most iconic heroes in cinematic history has got to be a seemingly impossible task, and Disney has been faced with that challenge in finding a fresh face to portray a young Han Solo in the upcoming origin film. After auditioning around 2,500 actors to take up the smuggler’s blaster, Disney has finally narrowed down the shortlist to about a dozen names.

According to Variety, that list includes Miles Teller (Whiplash), Ansel Elgort (The Fault In Our Stars), Dave Franco (Neighbors), Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction), Scott Eastwood (The Longest Ride), Logan Lerman (Fury), Emory Cohen (Brooklyn) and Blake Jenner (Everybody Wants Some). Kingsman‘s Taron Egerton was one of the early names bandied about, but that rumor seems to have come to naught. Filming doesn’t begin until January 2017, but the casting decision should be made within the next couple weeks. There is even a rumor that Han Solo may have a small cameo in Rogue One, but that seems like a stretch.

It is hard to imagine anyone other than Harrison Ford making the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, especially when it looks like the name will probably be picked from the Divergent franchise.

(Via Variety)

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