Millie Bobby Brown Made Some History With Her Salary For ‘Enola Holmes 2’

Enola Holmes doesn’t appear in the top-10 of Netflix’s most-watched movies ever, but it was still a big enough hit (insomuch as anything that’s half-watched on Netflix can be considered a “hit”) to warrant a sequel. Enola Holmes 2, like the original, stars Millie Bobby Brown as the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes, played by Henry Cavill. Details are being kept under wraps, but we do know how much Bobby Brown is getting paid to reprise her character — and how she’s making some highly-paid history in the process.

The Stranger Things star will take home $10 million for Enola Holmes 2, which is “thought to be setting a record for the largest upfront salary paid to an actor under the age of 20,” according to the Daily Mail. Netflix couldn’t spare an extra million and make it $11 million? (Actually, they probably couldn’t.)

Bobby Brown’s salary appeared on Variety, which also reported that Tom Cruise — one of only two actors who “justify their salaries” — stands to earn $100 million for Top Gun: Maverick. Other notable figures include $35 million for Will Smith in Emancipation, $20 million for Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2, and $12.5 million for Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in Barbie. If Greta Gerwig wants to go in a different direction and cast me as Ken, I’ll do it for free. Something to consider.

(Via the Daily Mail)