MoviePass Is Re-Enrolling Some Former Subscribers In An ‘Unlimited’ Plan Unless They Opt Out

Entertainment Editor


MoviePass is still limping along, looking for ways to stretch out that venture capital long enough to get the next sweet, sweet cash injection (just one more, come on man, they’re good for it). They recently ended their annual subscription plan and restricted subscribers’ options after posting a $104 million loss, but now they’ve come up with a unique (but familiar) technique to drum up cash: re-subscribe people who already left. Genius. Definitely legal.

The Verge reports MoviePass sent out an email to a “select test group” of former customers who didn’t opt in to the three movies per month plan. The email informed these customers they’d be automatically signed up for a $9.95 per month “unlimited” plan unless they click the opt-out link in the email before this Thursday. Because everyone definitely immediately reads emails from companies they no longer do business with, and re-subscribing people who already left always goes over well. Not surprisingly, people are miffed:

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