MoviePass Is Trying To Win You Back By Changing Its Prices… Again

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Remember MoviePass? It was a thing for a while! I swear! The subscription-based ticketing service was too good to be true (unlimited movies for 10 bucks), until it actually became too good to be true. There was surge pricing, and outages, and blocked titles, and massive financial losses, and competitors. But the beleaguered company is still kicking around and trying to win you back.

Starting in January, MoviePass will offer three plans that members can choose from. The first, called “Select,” starts at $10 a month and will allow subscribers to see three movies each month. The plan excludes movies during their opening weekends, and limits customers to standard 2D movies. A second level, called “All Access,” starts at $15 a month. The plan allows customers to see any three 2D movies each month at any time during their theatrical run. The highest tier, called “Red Carpet,” starts at $20 a month. It also limits subscribers to three movies, but they can choose from films shown in formats such as IMAX or 3D. (Via)

“Change is necessary. We won the hearts of millions of moviegoers, now we need to win back their confidence,” said MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe in a statement. “We realize that the past year brought our subscribers many modifications and even some surprises, some of which weren’t well-received; but we listened, we reassessed, and we believe we are primed to offer the American consumer the absolute best offering across America in 2019 and beyond.”

They’re not bad deals, although it helps if you live in North Dakota. The plans are now geography-based, so people in New York and Los Angeles will have to pay more than someone living in Harlan, Kentucky (sorry, Boyd). The “red carpet” plan, for instance, starts at $19.95/month, but tops out at $24.95. It’s unclear what happens if someone from Delaware travels to California, but I’m sure MoviePass will figure that out just as soon as Gotti 2 begins production.

(Via CNN)

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